The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day

img_2110A waterfall of raindrops seeping past the window from a broken section of guttering, their jazz-opated rhythms a disturber of the peace and sanctity of bed.

An extra layer of clothing against the cold, trousers tucked into socks to prevent cold air invading the ankles whenever the kitchen must be approached and coffee created.

Medications, clocking off the hours with their usual routine music of crackling blister packs and gulps of water.

Inane voices on the radio ironically rendering themselves more meaningless in a shitstorm of shouted adjectives.

An overspilling laundry basket pining for release.

The final assault on days worth of neglected washing up, not tackled with enthusiasm but with the resignation of idle hands needing clean crockery and pans if they are to feed an impatient stomach.

Television entertainment so light it blows away on the slightest of breezes and fails to enrich a single brain cell.

Unwashed hair on a pillow, off again, back on and so on as the afternoon becomes a series of interruptions to almost satisfying catnaps.

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