Oh Appy Day

img_2117This is not the sort of blog that offers lifestyle advice but if it were…

…I’d probably be saying something positive about what a great invention banking apps are. I bank, I bank with a bank but, as this isn’t the sort of blog that offers lifestyle advice I’m not going to give any free advertising to NatWest and say it’s them I bank with. Oh crap, I just did. Forget I said that. It could be any bank that allows you to organise your money using their app. Imagine it’s yours, even if you don’t bank with NatWest, in which case it isn’t.


…Anyway. This morning saw a long tussle with my brain about the merits of going into town for a haircut on a gloomy, cold, wet Monday. Those merits being that it will be easier to park than later in the week, that less people will be in town because of the rain so I won’t have to make an appointment with a hairdresser but can just walk in, and…Well those are the merits, really. The tussle with my brain took so long to settle because the demerits were quite heavily outweighing those merits – it’s gloomy, cold, wet and it’s Monday. Oh and I was very tired after having stayed up to watch half of the American HandEgg Super match game, super match game, super match game before remembering I never have any idea what is going on in HandEgg.

Reader (there must be one of you), I did go to town. And as soon as I’d parked my car in a convenient two hour spot I realised mistake number one: I’d worn a different coat to the one I’d worn when out and about on Sunday. Guess which one my wallet was in? Yup, not the one I was wearing.

“Ballbags!” I said aloud, because I needed to remind myself that I needed to buy a ball and some bags but quickly. And then I remembered I didn’t have to do that and I was just swearing. And then I saw my friend Tony’s car parked a couple of spaces ahead of mine and said another thing aloud, causing an elderly gentleman to back away from me in case I had rabies or lunacy. “I know where Tony will be.” I said, innocuously and not at all rabid or loonatically.

I went to the place I thought Tony would be and he was indeed there but before asking him to lend me some shiny coins until tomorrow so I could get my poor orphaned hair cut I remembered my banking app. Specifically I remembered the being able to sign in and say I want cash from a nearby ATM without using my card bit. So I simply chatted with Tony, didn’t beg monies from him like a scumbag pauper, and instead ordered up magic cash from the interweb.

Obviously it isn’t magic cash. It still comes out of my account. But I was muchly gratitudinal for not having to beg, steal or borrow the hair cutting funds or schlep home again to get my wallet. When the chatting was done I went to an ATM, got busy with a special code number and ran off with some money in my hand cackling like a child who has just stolen candy from a smaller child and left them crying in a puddle.

To clarify. I did not, repeat not steal candy from anyone nor did I leave anyone crying in a puddle. I like banking by app is what I’m saying. That’s basically the entire point of this post. And now I’ll finish writing it. Oh, and yes, I did get a haircut. Nice.

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