Ten Cents’ Worth For My Thoughts?

img_2127And all the world is biscuit shaped…

Unless it’s a Bourbon or a custard cream. What a strange shape that would be for the world. Oblong. Even the word sounds misshapen, like its maternal words were injected with something mutational during pregnancy but the government still refuses to admit responsibility for linguistic deformity.

Words can have more than one mother, get over it.

In a week’s time I shall be halfway between England and Ohio. I wonder what lunch I’ll be given. Something that tastes mostly of the accompanying sauce, I expect, but which will have less flavoursome solid parts to it too. And ornj joose. Because orange is only one syllable, right Scott?

It’s a policy of mine when flying to eat whatever they put in front of me, say yes to non alcoholic beverages, watch things on the little movie screen provided and basically try as many other distraction techniques to lessen the emotional devastation that comes from recognising that my life is entirely out of my own hands and I’m totally shitting myself about that fact.

Will the country I land in be noticeably different from the America I left last year when a different administration was in place and the world’s media were less hysterically obsessed with scrutinising every single tweet and utterance the commander in chief makes? Perhaps but there are a couple of reasons I may not see it.

Firstly the city of Toledo seems slightly out of sync with the rest of a state that voted mostly in favour of the current president. It’s probably not exactly full of radical liberals but I met only kind, inclusive, big hearted people who respect the rights of others regardless of nationality, religion, sexuality or political preference.

And secondly, the country I live in has taken a further lurch to the right over the last year or so anyway, becoming as a result a more authoritarian, compromised democracy than most commentators are currently prepared to admit. This is the reality of corporate controlled politics in the dying days of oil economy – totalitarianism is on our doorstep but branded more subtly so we think we’re making informed consumer choices when in fact we’re deciding between which of a handful of global conglomerates to hand our money over to.

Let’s make civil disobedience great again. Anyone for a custard cream?

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