Travelogue Part 3: Hanging Out In Toledo.

img_2147Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday…

…sorry about that, I told Elton John he could write the opening paragraph. And anyway, I haven’t even mentioned last night. There was a big family gathering at a local restaurant where the food was awesome, the waitress was right on the ball the whole time, and I ate a quite a lot of food for a skinny assed Limey.

And then today the weather went batshit crazy in a good way. I packed thermals and long johns and everything for coldy, cold coldness yet I spent the afternoon shedding clothes and wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glare of 60-plus degree heat and shiny, shiny sun. I told you America loves me. And I love it right back.

What’s fantastic is that even after a couple of days I feel like I haven’t been away. Well okay, the kids are bigger and smarter and cuter and I saw a new road sign but basically being back with Scott and Kari is such a tonic for my soul. The weight and the anxieties I’ve been trying to plough through these past few months have lifted so much. I can smile more easily, relax more genuinely, open up my fullest being and let my soul breathe. How lucky I am to be able to have traveled here again.

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One Response to Travelogue Part 3: Hanging Out In Toledo.

  1. kevin says:

    Glad you arrived safely cuz have a great time
    Scott..thank you once again for all you do to make Steve happy 😊 luv to you all from the uk


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