Travelogue Part 4: Sundaying

img_2151I can’t get over this weather. Blue skies and sunshine have been blessing my days here so far and, even though I know back in the UK the temperatures are a little lower, it just makes me feel more at home.

Last night we had barbecue food, for goodness sakes. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten BBQ stuff in February in England. I know this is unseasonal for Ohio but hey, you don’t knock the sunshine when it beats down on you, right?

So far I’ve met a mixture of folks I saw last time I was over and quite a few new people. Everyone is welcoming and kind to this crazy Brit who needed to come on holiday to America on account of having been way too insane and unhappy the last few months. When I go home I am well aware that the issues I need to address will still need addressing: the point of being here is not an expectation that suddenly the clouds will all lift from my mind, I’m here to be with some people I love who I can’t just wake up and decide to see if I can hang out with on a whim like I can with those I love at home.

Different sights and the act of travelling can also bestow fresh perspectives on entrenched problems so I’m not saying this time in Ohio has nothing to contribute towards me addressing my shit. I just mean that I don’t see this trip as ‘THE ANSWER’ to those things I need to figure out and work through. It’s a part of my wider journey through life and through my own personal joys and struggles and it’s a tonic for the soul. Anything else I want from these days or from any of my remaining days on Earth is down to me putting in the required effort and dedication.

I’m just sermonising myself here. Your way will be different to mine, I expect. We’re all walking our own paths but isn’t it wonderful that they often intersect or run parallel?

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