Travelogue Part 6: Eatin’, Talkin’, Sleepin’, Thinkin’.

img_5455I’ve been here a week now and I feel like I’ve done a whole lot of things in that time. Most of it, in truth, has been hanging with beloved people, eating good foods and talking but that’s the kind of adventure I love anyway. Throw in that road trip to Niagara Falls and an outing to the local park in sunshine and temperatures that defy the time of year and it becomes clearer to me why I feel somewhat tired today.

I’m tired a lot back home. It’s how life is when your body uses up more energy than other people’s just to do normal things like preparing food or going to the store on account of having stupid lungs that don’t work the way they should. So I’m grateful that the tired and the lungs have still allowed me to do as much as I’ve done this past week. Sometimes I can spend weeks just shuttling between bedroom and kitchen when I’m super unwell. Once again my body is playing fair and has not thrown a flare up at me during experiences it would be extra inconvenient and frightening to have marred by such downturns.

I’ve never been one for making a bucket list, as such, but as I get older and my health sometimes gets more dictatorial I am naturally aware of there being some things I would like to do, places I’d like to see before I’m too frail or too dead for them. On the whole, however, these are not gigantic, mountain climbing, desert crossing, hang gliding sorts of things. Adventures are just as fulfilling when they are small as when they are grand. All experiences act upon the body, mind and soul, enrich life itself if we’re looking at our life that way.

Did I start sermonising again? Oh well, I guess it’s what I do. I’m talking to myself most of the time anyway, reminding myself to look for the rainbows even as the rains pour down upon me.

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