Travelogue Part 7: My Boat!

img_5509It’s just another day in paradise. No, I’m not referencing a song by some bald headed British dwarfen drummer, I’m telling you how I feel about hanging out in Toledo today.

We did lazy-ish stuff – French toast in a diner, looking at jackets and trying not to say “Fuck me that’s an excessive amount of guns for sale” in the Army Surplus store. And we went down to the river where a big assed ship sits but doesn’t let people go aboard on winter Fridays.

As if it’s winter. Temperature has been over seventy today. Sure, there’s a wind blowing that’ll take an ear or two off but I still had to loosen clothing and don shades. He’s my favourite new comedian: Don Shades. Look him up. You’ll be on that google for hours.

So guess what. Now I’m tuckered out and in need of a nap before going to see some High School basketball tonight. Told you I’m in paradise. You didn’t believe me. You just kept going on about Phil Collins, now you know better.

Annoying, ain’t I?

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