Travelogue Part 8: Artfelt

img_5672“When you say ‘Dylan’ he thinks you mean Dylan Thomas. Whoever that is. The man ain’t got no culture…”

Ha, well in your face ironic Paul Simon lyrics that weren’t even about me anyway, I do have culture. You ask George. Or read these words about my day.

We went to the Toledo Museum of Art. Inside there is art, all museum-like. And it’s in Toledo. So the name of the place is one hundred percent accurate. And the place itself is awesome sauce made out of brilliant and splendid. Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Henry Moore, Claude Monet: these are just some of the guys who send their latest works over via DHL.

My eyes are still swimming in images and sculpture from hundreds of years of painty, sculpty times. But my ears are also in for a treat later as tonight we’re going to the auditorium which is attached to the art museum for some symphonic delights.

Back home I’m so rarely cultural that eating Italian food while watching a Luc Besson film is about as sophisticated as I get most of the time. Over here in Americanism I’m like a renaissance type person of human make. Angels and ministers of grace defend us, eh?

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