Final Batch of Vacation Scribblings

img_5720Speak softly, wait patiently for love, seek and finders keepers. There is so much left to learn, so much more to see. Nineteen years ago, in a deep dark hole all of my own making, I wanted life to stop. I actively wanted it to end. I tried to make it end. Failed. Tried again. Failed. Tried again. Failed. Got the message and reluctantly continued living but it was a half life for a little while. Then change came and tapped me on the shoulder, whispered futures and what if maybe in my ear.

No, I still don’t speak softly as often as I should and no, I’m not so patient about waiting on the love I wish I could share with someone who fits into my crazy shapes the way I fit hers. Not a euphemism, by the way, but you can read it how you like.

Seeking? Oh I’m all over that. Always finding stuff too, usually stuff I wasn’t originally looking for but which frequently turns out to be just what I needed. And a line I wrote two decades and more ago still rings truest to me: “So I learn slow; I’m just glad to be learning at all.”

Change is every moment. Constancy is breathing in and breathing out. After that no river is ever the same flight of steps twice. Or something Roman like that. My watch is poking me in the chest. A metaphor, by the way, but you can read it how you like.

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