Pressure Drop


Nothing to do with the subject of blog but a jolly good tune


Riddle me this (or don’t because you’re an autonomous being in your own right and don’t have to do what I say. Who the heck am I to be giving out the orders anyway? I must have ideas above my station. And this bit in parenthesis is ridiculously long now, how do I get out of it and make the remainder of the original sentence work?) carnauba wax. (Damn, nothing to do with the first part of the sentence. Total failure. I’ll start again and hope you don’t notice.)

So here’s a puzzler (much better, intrigue not imperative, clever) I spend a fortnight in the land of large portions of food, some of which are processed to hell, I eat more than I do at home, I eat things I often avoid at home, I drink beer which I virtually never do at home, and I develop an addiction to donuts that cannot be satisfied by British, so-called doughnuts. Why then is my blood pressure better than it’s been for a year and a half? I guess the American way of life truly is better for me. Please donate money with no guarantee of ever getting it back so that I can emigrate.

(Yeah, that last bit was like ordering you about again but I did put the word ‘please’ at the beginning of the sentence.)

You can see it in my eyes, you can see it in my smile…I am not Lionel Ritchie but my vacation has made me say ‘Hello’ once, twice, sometimes three times to all sorts of people since my return. Which means it was good therapy and I ought to live in America. Please donate (well you know how the rest of that sentence goes…)

In May I see my respiratory specialist for a bi-annual check up. I’m going to ask him how feasible it is for me to get back into the workforce without beating up my body so much that I am plagued by constant flare-ups. Why? Because if the answer is that it is feasible the next step is to find employment in the States where the degrees I already have qualify me to teach at the sort of level I always wanted to without the necessity of completing my doctoral thesis (ten years is a rather long interruption of a PhD so to return would actually be to begin again).

Is this a goal or a pipe dream? I’ll come down from the high of my holiday at some stage and be better placed to ascertain the answer to that question. In the meantime it’s fun to ponder. (If you’re going to ponder in public ensure you are fully clothed. People frown upon semi-nude ponderers.)

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