Steve = mc hammer?

IMG_2305I’ve been at the music. It’s mine and I’ll strum as fast as I please. Or, to be more factual, I’ll redo a couple of vocal tracks because I woke up feeling like I have a voice and lungs that will work with me today, and I’ll add some synth wash to one of the songs I’m tinkering with.

Lo and behold, or lol and behold if you are autocorrect, I now have close to finished versions of four tracks towards a new album. And some hours of the day have passed merrily away. The laundry has spun around in foamy water (inside the washing machine, you understand) and then been hung out on the line while I’ve worked on the music. Okay then, the hanging on the line bit was during a break from working on the music. My god you’re pedantic.

A week ago today I was half an hour in to my coach trip home from Heathrow. I was so shattered I did something I very rarely do and fell asleep for about an hour on the bus. Yuck, worse than sleeping in plane seats is sleeping in bus seats. Luckily nobody had taken the opportunity to draw penises on my face with permanent marker pen. Wouldn’t that have been a lark? And then a slanging match and maybe a precursor to fisticuffs.

With crossed fingers I tentatively say that jetlag appears to have fucked the fuck off now. My sleep patterns are still wanky but they usually are so this is normal for me in England rather than being stuck on Ohio time.

My reflections and memories of my time in America are still so fresh and vivid that I have no way of collating them into anything other than a big ball of squidgy emotional (and at times grandly visual) experience. I miss my friends even more than I missed them when I returned home last year and I am grateful to those people who have shared time with me this week as they have helped me recognise that I am blessed with many friendships. Albert Einstein doesn’t like me though. He says I’m a dick. What a bastard, he’s never even met me and he’s dead; what’s his beef, man?

I am still undecided as to whether I am man or avocado so back off with the lemon juice and garlic for now, eh?


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