Strainin’, Heavin’ and Complainin’

IMG_5783Remember when I was laughingly describing how difficult it can be for a guy with a respiratory condition to move his room around? I forgot to mention two important details. All of the things I wrote remain true but it is also true that my bloodymindedness both helps and hinders the process and that I am something of a fucking idiot.

I’m a clever idiot. They’re my favourite kind. Literary theory, cultural criticism – I’m your guy, come to me and I’ll expound long and loud on those issues. Practical thinking – oh sorry, I appear to have the wrong kind of brain, or personality, or something.

This is why a desk got broken on Tuesday, why I was unable to mend it and had to concede defeat by Wednesday and replace it (it’s not mine, it comes with the flat), and why I am still dealing with the aftermath of my whimsical idea to shift a few things around.

My bloodymindedness hindered me and and caused the desk to break in the first place – shall I move this rug or just drag things across it and hope they don’t snag and break? Oh the latter of course – but it has helped these past two days as I’ve been faced with a mountain of belongings to relocate. Well, a small hill. More of a hillock. But quite a lot of belongings for a man who used to be able to carry everything he owned in one rucksack and a guitar case.

I’m not quite finished sorting through everything but tomorrow will be the more luxurious and sometimes enjoyable process of sifting through those things I’m not sure if I’m keeping or donating to charity. There is already half a box of charity donations ready, I think there might be two whole boxes when I’m done with this bit.

And then I can sit on my sofa by the radiator of an evening, watching DVDs if I wish, or reading and generally maintaining better posture for either than when I do them in bed. So job still not done but if this were British Leyland in the 80s I’d be months ahead of schedule.

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