It’s A Wide World

IMG_2394Toothache. It would be polite of toothache to just affect the teeth, right. But oh no, it’s a defiant bastard and seeps into the skull, the ears, the sinuses and ruins sleep for the whole world. Well, for me and that makes it seem like the whole world has gone to shit because I’m totally self-obsessed when I have toothache.

I’m aware that other things are happening in the world, things of more import and gravity than my raging tooth pain. Some kind of insanity happened at Westminster today that was nothing to do with politics and everything to do with a person of murderous intent acting like human life has no meaning. Thoughts and prayers, people, thoughts and prayers.

I’m also aware of the things in life I have cause to be grateful for: friendships, connections, support, a roof above my head and about two thirds of my health on a good day. And, of course, family. This weekend, if a trip to the dentist sorts my tooth out tomorrow, I shall be spending some time with my brother and my mum which will be good. We’ve not all three been together for quite a while now. And today I saw my son and we booked our trip to Dublin which will be three days and two nights in July.

So really the whole world hasn’t gone to shit, not for me. I’m just exhausted from pain and a sleepless night but can count blessings too. Plus the therapy guy phoned me today to say they’ve already had a meeting and they’ve decided to bump me up to next level therapy straight away. This will mean a wait and then another introductory session but at least it’s moved pretty swiftly from Monday.

Did you look up ‘didactic’ yet?

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