Every Day Would Be The First Day of Spring…

IMG_2417Springy sprungy. No really, it have. Unlike virtually every other first official day of summer in England since history began last year, today did not sneer at the concept of human seasons by raining and raining and raining. Oh no, not a bit of it. Quite the opposite. It sunned and sunned and sunned.

(I’ve got bits of paper what do allows me to take total liberties with grammar, so there)

I am still not great in terms of coping with ouchy fuck ouch faceache pain but it receded enough today to permit me to drive through glorious spring sunshine into Somerset and spend some time with my mum and my brother. We ate foodstuffs and talked nonsensicals plus sensicals a bit. We did not go for a walk. Sunny is nice but windy and sunny isn’t nice round the chest parts of folks with stupid chest part defections.

Fresh cut grass. Such a spring smell. Manure. Also a springlike stench. Tweet tweet birds. They weren’t singing, they were on social media telling other birds “Fuck off! This is my tree. Mine!”

And that’s all I need to say. Apart from the obvious – I liked today. Apart from other people in cars – they’re all arseholes. Apart from me – scientifically unproven fact.

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