Mighty Multi Tasky

1b68e09d76bf2aff3937619054f4d071Today’s energy levels would suggest I am improving after last week’s washout from toothache and then from having a tooth removed. It still hurts but I have been multi tasking today so I’m getting back to Steve-type-normality.

I have taken more stuff to charity. I have waited in line for quite a long time to mail a parcel off for somebody’s birthday at the weekend. I have met with both Si and Tony for coffee and spoken with my son on the telephone. I have slightly rearranged the other week’s rearrangement so that things look a tiny bit less cluttered in one corner. I have uploaded some CDs to my hard drive so I can give some more of them away to charity (but mostly because I found the soundtrack album for Oh Brother Where Art Thou and want it on my headphones NOW!). I have bought one of those hang over your radiator airer/drier things and done some washing so that if it pisses down with rain (which is has done the last four times I’ve put washing on despite weather reports predicting sun and not rain) I can at least have some clean and dry underwear and a t shirt or two. I have done a big pile of washing up I dogmatically ignored over the weekend. I am making proper foods which are cooking right now. And I’ve typed up all the words you see above the next full stop.

And relax. No seriously, relax. I’ve got this. I’m back on the ball. I’m Benny the Ball. I’m not Benny the Ball. I’m not even Choo Choo and I’m definitely not Fancy. I may be Officer Dribble. Er, Dibble. Top Cat, by the way, was in no way a complete steal from Sergeant Bilko.

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