Thank You For Being A Friend

IMG_2436What follows are words similar to others I have said and written at various points across my life. Today the sentiment strikes me as especially empowering as I reflect on how fortunate I am in some respects even though I have burdens to bear in other ways.

Friendship, that’s what I’m meditating on. I’m sociable, maybe less so now I’m a grumpy middle aged fucker who prefers quality humans over quantities of them in my life but still sociable enough to know plenty of folk and to call a lot of them friend.

But this train of thought is about those deep, sometimes decades long friendships that are about true connections of heart, soul and spirit. I am blessed with some friendships like this. I may never be wealthy when it comes to material measurements and I will never be important to the world as a planet but I am rich beyond measure for such friends and know that in those most special cases of all I am as important to their world as they are to mine.

Yes, I do possess a sentimental heart. Often it is something I can only fully share with those very precious few because the world at large mistakes sentimentality for weakness or sees it as something to ridicule, demean or exploit. But if that’s ingrained into cultural practice it makes it harder for people to experience such meaningful friendships. D’oh! Culture fail.

I love and I am loved. Whatever challenges remain ahead, whatever life remains ahead for me, I will love and I will be loved. Thank you. You know who you are.

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