Hi Ho

disney seven dwarfs-1How many of Disney’s Seven Dwarves can I be today?

Before I answer that I need to allow my personal pedant out for a little run. I say ‘Disney’s Seven Dwarves’ because as far as I am aware the strangely moustached animator had no interest in whether they’d had names in older, folklore versions of the tale and simply made up some more big-eyed, Disneyfied family-friendly names.

Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Happy.

One generic title, one medical condition and five singular emotions. Poor chaps, trapped inside lives that disabled the expression of any other emotional responses than the ones they’ve been designated. And where did Doc study for his PhD? What was it in? Obviously not medicine or he’d have been able to fix Sneezy up with something for that cold.

How many can I be today? Well I can only be half a Doc as my thesis remains unfinished. I have sneezed a bit but my entire morning hasn’t been so full of sneezes as to justify the adjective ‘sneezy’. I am sleepy. Always that. I’m dopey too, my brain appearing to have vanished somewhere in the middle of Thursday night. Which makes me sort of grumpy yet doesn’t disturb my overall capacity to find happiness in small things. Now stop looking at me, I’m shy.

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