Wellington Alright

IMG_2509I’m not really feeling any better but to try and prove to myself this is just a horrible cold and cough, not a flare up, I drove up into Somerset and stared at Wellington monument for a while today. Well it was sunny and my brain wasn’t working too well. If it had been working it might have warned me driving and walking, even in sunny sunniness, isn’t great for a cough and a cold.

Fuck it. I enjoyed the view and loved hearing the bird songs floating on the air above my head. And if that’s a bad thing then shoot me now as the more I can make my life about simplistic pleasures such as these, the closer contentment is.

My dear old friend Rob lives up that way. No, not the one who abandoned his friendship with me in one of my greatest hours of need a few years ago although he does live around there too. The other Rob, the one who has stood by me despite my temperamental behaviour in two bands we were both in and various other personality defects of mine he’s been subjected to in the years since.

We drank tea in the town centre – Wellington mostly unchanged over the last thirty years, just a few different shops in place of old familiar ones – and tried to work out, as we often do, how to put the world to rights. Or, if not the world, our own worlds. Well, we can hope, can’t we? The older we get the wiser we seem to be yet still some things prove elusive in terms of how we’d like our lives to be. Maybe we want too much but neither of us has unrealistic expectations of existence. Not since we stopped wanting to be rock and roll stars anyway.

Anyways, it was lovely to catch up. My drive home was accompanied by Prince’s Sign o’ the Times album. LOUD. Do you mind if I turn on. The radio.

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