(Not) Bringin’ Da Noise

IMG_2524I feel out of sync with the world today. It’s not so bad, the world is overly full of megalomaniac politicians all intent on pursuing hardline practices even if the consequences prove disastrous for the species as a whole. I’m fine being out of sync with that. And fine with feeling a little like a vapour trail unable to gain purchase on existence.

Such days happen. They end up introspective and insular and are not a problem unless many such days bunch up together, like transformer days becoming a depression robot. That’s sucky. Fortunately this has not yet happened and I had my newest assessment for therapy today. One which overran like the previous assessment, meaning another session is necessary before any work actually begins. But it feels better to be back inside the process again, even if it’s just going over familiar material for the benefit of somebody new.

The weekend was very good for my soul but exhausting for the body so at the risk of flirting with depression robots I may well take another day out of sync with the world tomorrow. I don’t mind that Justin Timberlake anyway, he can take up the slack I’m sure.

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