IMG_2637It is time, I feel, to return to basics, to remind myself the midst of challenging times of things I am grateful for in my life. If it enables me to lift from the darker hues of recent days so much the better but it’s more a need to remind myself that even in dark days some light filters through.

I am grateful that today’s scan at the hospital pretty much ruled out the possibility of me having testicular cancer. That’s a big deal.

I am grateful for those who care about my wellbeing, who are there for me, who engage in digital and physical forms of letting me know they care and am not alone.

I am always grateful for the music that runs through my veins. Without it the last month would have been far harder to negotiate. I’ve been stuck at home more than I like and have at least managed to work on some tunes and let music carry me out of time and space in that way I fell in love with so long ago.

I am grateful for bananas. For lots of foods, in fact, but bananas matter a fair deal lately – serotonin, you know.

I’m grateful for my car, without which some of the therapeutic and medical appointments I’ve had recently would have been more stressful to get to.

I’m grateful that I don’t find my own company as repellent as I seemed to when I was a young man, that I can now spend so much time on my own – even though it’s not through choice – without chewing at the walls.

I am grateful for sleep, when it comes. It can be elusive but when I get some it makes the world sound nicer.

I’m grateful for words. Neat invention.

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