IMG_2654Today has been a duvet day. I didn’t manage to make Monday my recovery from lots of driving day because of appointments and life so it was transferred to today. I’m uncertain yet how much of a recovery I’ve managed but at least I’ve snoozed and thunked and only left my bed to make brownies and more substantial food.

Some of the thunking has concerned this stupid body of mine, about how very fortunate I was earlier this year that my health was stable enough while I was in the States for me not to need to take days out in bed to recover from being reasonably active for me. The same was true last year of my previous trip to Ohio as well as for my long weekend in Paris.

I’m thunking how lucky I am, considering bad health could have ruined, even cancelled any of those trips. I know that part of the mental improvement of the last three years has involved deciding to make such plans even though they might be scuppered by flare-ups. It’s better to be planning to live like I have a life rather than making virtually no plans at all out of constant health anxiety. But even with this improvement maybe giving me something of an energy boost it is still lucky that I’ve experienced such stability while away. I’m hoping my luck continues this July when I am visiting Dublin with my son for a couple of nights.

By the way, I know I’ve written ‘thunk’ rather than ‘think’. Ok, so it doesn’t amuse you but it makes me laugh.

Brownies kicking in now: must return to snoozing and faint dreams of victory.

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