People Are Strange

IMG_2661To avoid stressful incidents such as the ones that peppered my day throughout Friday I have come up with the perfect plan for Saturday. It involves not leaving home, watching documentaries, cooking bolognese (almost ready) and eschewing all contact with the world unless it is through a television or computer screen. And even the computery contact is minimal.

Misanthropic? Possibly not. I love individual people, not all of them but enough for me to understand I’m not filled with hatred for humans per se. But I am not and never will be a fan of the societal priorities which inevitably come as a result of capitalist cultures: priorities which place unreal fiscal values on spiritually priceless experiences such as living, breathing, loving, growing.

Most of the things in life that have touched my heart or enriched my soul have nothing to do with money and even those that did require a degree of cash only needed it to grease the wheels of my journey through experiences further afield than my front doorstep.

Sometimes the only escape I can find from persistent reminders that my priorities are at odds with the world in which I live is to cut off like I have done today. That my cutting off was prompted by frustrations amongst my fellow humans yesterday only highlights how at odds with some of them I am. I know I’m not sulking or throwing toys from the pram, however, as I am still happy to fire up my computer and watch cultural artefacts. When I really do become misanthrope films can go suck it too.

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