A Letter To The (sub)Prime Minister

Dear Theresa May,

You have no right to express sympathy for the dead of any terrorist attack when you continue to ensure that the UK is one of the world’s biggest arms dealers. Terrorism starts with those who provide the weapons and we sure sell a lot of murder paraphernalia to the Saudis who in turn filter it down to those who attack western countries.

You have no shame when you raise the national security threat level to critical so you can deploy armed soldiers to help the police but fail to recognise that halting the Tory cuts to police numbers over the last two governments would have allowed for more officers to be free to work exclusively on terrorist threats.

You are not in the least bit strong or stable in your approach to government unless you mean that your policies of punishing the innocent poor for the actual tax avoidance crimes of the super rich are somehow stabilising and strengthening the lives of those you are meant to represent.

You cannot fall back on the Tory go-to scare tactic of accusing Labour of being the party of increased public borrowing when seven years of Tory austerity measures have meant you’ve borrowed more money in that time than all previous Labour governments put together and the deficit has increased rather than become smaller.

Yours is an uncaring, belligerent, bigoted and nasty form of politics. I’m hoping the majority of the electorate share my view and stop falling for your bullshit when it comes to how they vote on June 8th. The sooner you and your party are out of power the sooner the disenfranchised and the downtrodden of this country can stop fearing for their wellbeing and the overall welfare.

You are a threat to the NHS, to people’s pensions, to all public services and to true democracy. Yours is the party of the few, I am one of the many.


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