Down In The Mouth

IMG_2696When I saw my dentist on Thursday there was plenty of crappy news. It’s going to be up to three weeks before I can open my gob again with the confidence that comes with not having a prominent gap. Those teeth I have left which have had fillings in the past are more likely to fuck up and fall apart in future as despite a filling sorting out an immediate problem it also creates a permanent weakness. And I have an infection in a tooth in the lower jaw which is currently being treated with a course of antibiotics in order for it to be ready for a filling next week. Or, if the antibiotics don’t solve the issue, a fucking extraction.

On top of that mouth related misery I think the antibiotics are messing with my mind. I don’t think I have taken these ones before and have been feeling disoriented and woozy since yesterday, the second day of the course. The list of potential side effects does include such things so I’m not exactly freaking out but it’s just another fucking obstacle to try to overcome. I’ve had more than enough obstacles in the last few weeks; can this be the last of them for a while please? In a month and a half I’m meant to be spending a couple of days in Dublin with my newly qualified Bachelor of Arts son. I’d like to be well enough to enjoy the trip as well as enjoying the company I’ll be in. I sure as shit don’t want to be a downer on holiday with my boy.

Anyway, I’ve set up a little camp in my living room – air bed, easily dipped in and out of foods close by, liquids to drink (nice ones, not piss or pond scum), footsaball to watch. These are the heights of my Saturday ambitions.

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