London 3/6/17: The Worst Terrorists Currently Occupy Downing Street

IMG_2740The weekend’s events in London and the subsequent scramble by one side to make political gains from the deaths of innocents (why yes, Theresa, I do mean you) has reminded me that my own struggles and sufferings are relative, that I live in a larger world than the one defined by my day to day problems.

My own issues have not gone away but they are just part of a shared experience and rendered less important for a while. One emotional difference for me today is that I am able to feel two things I was unable to feel yesterday.

I feel pride, pride that comes easily because it is nothing to do with me or any of my achievements in life. It is the pride of knowing that the security services responded to another terror threat without fear for their own safety, that they found and neutralised the murderers sullying Islam’s name, that they did so within ten minutes of the attacks starting.

I am also proud of the thousands of people personally affected by the attacks for not resorting to a language of hate, and for this country as a whole for refusing to change who they are and how they behave despite the slight chance of future attacks like this soiling their lives,

I also feel anger. Anger that the unelected woman currently smugly positioned as Prime Minister of this country is foaming at the mouth about too much tolerance of terrorism and extremism without once stopping to acknowledge that between 2010 and 2016 (at which point she stepped over the bodies of her curiously inert competition to replace David Pig Fuck Cameron as the country’s leader) she was Home Secretary, the person most responsible for counteracting the threats caused by terrorists and extremists. She also forgets that during this time her budget cuts reduced police numbers by almost 20,000, severely handicapping them when it comes to their part in these issues.

I’m angry too that she ramped up fears and scare-tactic rhetoric on a day when she alleged she was not campaigning towards Thursday’s General Election. Angry that she points the finger of blame for terrorism elsewhere when she knows full well that a recent report has shown that one of the major sources of worldwide terrorism today is Saudi Arabia, a country with whom she’s just agreed a huge arms contract. Effectively she is the largest source of terrorist funding in this country so to hear her bleat on about bombing other people’s countries and reducing internet freedoms (without a scrap of evidence to suggest the London attackers even used the internet to organise and coordinate their hatred) is as inflammatory and dangerous as it must have been to hear Hitler piling unwarranted blame on the Jewish community for Germany’s Weimar ills, or hearing Cold War paranoia accuse anyone with liberal politics of being un-American in the McCarthy era.

The contrasting emotions of pride at the responses of those genuinely affected by this recent act and the mendacity of the woman most responsible for ensuring we are safe in real terms, not just in terms of how many column inches she can gain in the most right-wing rags she uses as a tool of manipulation to brainwash the dirty proles, this contrast could not be more stark. We have found ourselves with a government out of touch with the reality of the lives and values of most of the electorate. This would be sad if it were not for that blatant media manipulation which is intended in a cleverly Gestapo manner to keep the public scared, misinformed and full of the hatred.

Anger is not hatred, anger is human. I pray there are enough human, righteously angry people on Thursday taking themselves to the polling booths to kick this bunch of rabid bastards out of office and allow what might well be a coalition of more even-minded, people-centred politicians to move this country away from the new Dark Ages we are currently flirting with.

So yes, I’m politicising the acts of the terrorists too but is there any alternative when faced with such bullish, blatant bullying from those who pretend to care about the lives of those they actually fail to serve?

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