The Personal Is Political

IMG_2803Today’s general election strikes me as one of the most important of my life. The rise of personality politics masks the old certainties about ideological bias from various parties while a plethora of right-leaning media moguls (most of whom are non-dom, tax-avoiding, Tory party donors and affiliates) batter all opposition to the dogma of austerity rule using any means possible bar telling actual truths.

It is now considered unpatriotic to argue against corporate narratives of capitalist obeisance, which is not only disempowering, it is also entirely irrational: corporations owe allegiance to no specific country, usually basing themselves in lands where they can get away with paying least taxes. If anyone lacks patriotism it is the people running such companies.

I find it sickening that the hypocrisy of business-controlled, right-wing political parties seems unchallenged because of twisted news coverage. I find it extremely disturbing and fear for the future of British democracy when I hear that the current Prime Minister, the person most likely to continue in the job tomorrow if the pollsters have got it right, is willing to rip up the Human Rights Act in a headline-grabbing bid to seem like she has a plan for counteracting terrorism in this country.

Fascism in the 1930s jack-booted its way into people’s lives in a bold, brash, leather and black surge of bitterness, ugly nationalism and media complicity. The current version has simply ditched the boots and the black shirts: virtually all the other requirements of fascism are now falling into place within the conservative manifesto.

Tomorrow morning might be the darkest dawn I’ve ever woken to in terms of my disconnection with the power structures of my country. I wish I were young enough to man barricades and incite revolt. Instead I am ageing, physically frail and genuinely frightened that there will be no place for people like me in a right-wing future.

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