Spinning Around


Kinda looks flat…

As an active member of the Sunday Is A Bourgeois Myth Society I have been ignoring Sunday all day. I’ve even called it Extra Saturday just to undermine its authority as a day in its own right. That’ll teach it to get ideas above its station and force the banks not to open at all.

Or it won’t and I’m a freaking weirdo.

Don’t answer that.

Why no, I don’t have anything sensible to say today, why do you ask? I’m exhausted from being a speck of dust on a tiny ball of rock and water spinning around in a vasty cosmos nobody truly comprehends. Also, Doctor Who was so thrillingly old school yesterday that I am virtually paralysed with nerd-glee.

The world is an oblate spheroid, and don’t you forget it.

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5 Responses to Spinning Around

  1. ellematrikar says:

    I usually call Sunday “Almost Monday.” So, at the very least, you’re not the only weirdo around.

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