The Not Quite Ides Of June


Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Ringo

So this is awkward. The United Kingdom becomes an even greater laughing stock around the world as Theresa ‘not at all strong or stable’ Maybot clings desperately to the last vestiges of power and pretends that her party didn’t take a kick in the knackers in last Thursday’s election. Thank fuck there’s an orange faced lunatic governing America right now, someone to occasionally distract from the omnishambles that is British government.

But hey ho, let’s go, the Ramones will come and trample over this mess. Well, those of them who are still alive. Er, Joey? Chandler? They would invite Phil Spector, the producer behind their most grandiose anthems, but he’s been something of a naughty and can’t come out to play.

Shame, as he’d probably be offered a place in Maybot’s cabinet, someone to cast the nutbar DUP killjoys in a jollier light.

Go back to your Mondays and prepare for chaos.

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