The Heat Is…On


Hur, hur, hur.

British law demands that any heatwave be compared to the summer of 1976. Even millennials who weren’t born until five minutes ago are expected to refer to the summer of 1976 during a contemporary heatwave. If you do not mention the summer of 1976 you get burnt at the stake. Well, people steal your sun lotion which is pretty much the same thing in this sort of weather.

So yeah, it’s all hot n junk. I’ve defied the torturous temperatures as well as my predilection for avoiding humans today and actually went into town. There were chores needing doing. I did them reluctantly and with loud music in my ears but I did them. I win at reluctant activity.

When I got home I had a short walk along a secluded lane nearby, seeking the shelter of large, overhanging trees and a lack of humans. I got both. I win at secluded lanes.

There’s no point to the final paragraph of this blog post.

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