The Universe And Everything

IMG_2902I haven’t really humaned today. I went outside, felt some nice warm on my face but did not interact with people. They smell funny and have unusual hobbies. They’re also really annoying in supermarkets, blithering about like there is nobody in the universe but them, blocking entire aisles to stare at jars of olives as though they are preserved in the fluidic meaning of life.

It continues to be illegal, immoral and a waste of precious energy to murder them all so I just grabbed a few things with extreme noises in my earphones to distract me from the murdery feelings.

For much of today I have musicked. I like musicking. I’m reasonably good at it and it takes away all the murderous thoughts. Well, most of them. Well, a few.

And that’s Sunday: some jokes about killing people which are all in terrible taste, and irritating shopping and music. Go away now.

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