In Dublin’s Fair City

IMG_6282So this is Dublin, and what have we done? Many things, none of them to the tune of John Lennon songs though.

Walking is a thing and, oh blessed relief, the centre of this city is flat and fairly easy to navigate once you’ve clocked a few landmarks amongst the ever changing array of building styles and the uniformity and ubiquity of the Guinness signs.

Temple Bar is a bustling but not claustrophobically hectic quarter of the city, right by the river Liffey. Being so close to the river reminds me of time spent in London and Paris last summer but this is a unique place with an atmosphere all its own. Pretty chilled out too, which suits me down to the cobbled ground.

Our apartment looked great in the online photos and is in fact more spacious and welcoming than those photos could convey. It’s quiet here but we’re moments away from the bars and the music and the craic. Ah yes, the mysterious craic. It’s nothing to do with your anus, it’s a sense of enjoyment, the Irish equivalent of joi de vivre, perhaps?

We spent time walking around Trinity College grounds today. Such a pretty campus with a real mixture of Georgian and more modernist architecture juxtaposing with the lush greens and the verdant trees. It’s enough to wax a man lyrical, so it is.

Tonight, a beer. Tomorrow, museum time. And, in the early evening, head for the airport. I already know two days here is not enough. This is a taster of Dublin and I will have to return.

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