The City Sun Sets Over Me

IMG_6422Ah that’s better. I loathed the people of the outside world place far less today than I did yesterday. I seem to have avoided most of the DICKS is why. Instead I encountered goodly folk and sunshiny weather. As in, it’s gonna be a bright, yeah bright sunshiny day. And I’d have been able to see clearly now if it hadn’t been for them meddling kids…

It is warm again. Some days of rain can make the British forget we’re having summer. Summer came back to the forefront of our collective consciousness today like a poop rising to the surface of the Minehead surf after having been flushed there straight from local sewage pipes (which used to actually happen, ffs!).

The warm has made me resort to revealing my nipples. Not to the world. The world can’t handle my nipples, they are a thing of wonder and beauty only to be bestowed upon God himself (or herself if she turns out to be Jodie Whittaker). But I am now stripped to the waist in my own home. Which is still legal, I believe.

If you want more words now you will have to add them yourselves below.

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