Witchy Poo Lineman

IMG_3033I had plans for today. Minor plans but plans nonetheless. Boring, domestic plans but necessary plans. The first of those plans was to wake earlier than is usual for me (still far later than any of you for I am a lazy fuck) and furnish my world with groceries.

Oh well.


Never mind.

I’ve been physically under the weather the last few days, Dublin exertions laying me to waste although some days just getting up and going to the bathroom can lay me to waste so well done me for not succumbing to the wasteland for anything less than Dublin exertions.

The medications I take on such wastrel days increase my capacity for surreal, stream of consciousness thought yet conversely, perversely, inversely and universally they somehow also sharpen the acuity with which I see the world and those with whom I share it. It’s as though I’m taken into a moment of time and space just slightly out of sync with the rest of the universe and this allows me a clearer, deeper perspective on things.

This is as much a curse as it is a blessing. The most important thing to remember if you are bestowed with such brief, bright phases of clarity and illumination is that most people don’t want your truth. Stick with this as a rule of thumb and nobody will clamour for you to be burnt at the stake. Unless you fly into town on a broomstick waving a thousand black cats and cursing at everyone with Quaballic venom. Then you’re just asking for it you fucking dick.

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“an extraordinary repository of cultural knowledge”
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