A Very Merry August

I’m astonishingly tired. I did some driving along unfamiliar roads, the return journey in the dark with impatient twat drivers jamming themselves and their uber-bright halogen headlights up my jacksie until they saw a millimetre gap in which to overtake. I have awoken with a sore throat or a cold making my voice sound something like a camp foghorn trying to escape Liberace’s rectum. And I’m astonishingly tired. Oh I said that bit already. I’m so astonishingly tired I already forgot I’d said that bit already.

But fatigue and Liberace’s bum passage and even the uber-lights are worth it as it was all part of the process of getting to spend many hours hanging out and conversing with very old friends. Years ago, when my life was veering further beyond the path of safety than was usual even for me, when I was lost, homeless, vagrant, witless and almost without hope of rediscovering myself, Iain and Trudie were key people in helping me to piece enough of myself together to see a new way forward. They, and one or two others, showed me the kindness and compassion I had not been showing myself for so long. They enabled me to prepare to make big changes in my life.

Our paths cross now and then and yesterday I benefitted once more from their company, their perspectives, their humour, their acceptance and generosity of spirit. It is to be hoped that on this occasion I am not lost to myself, I simply wanted to reconnect with two people who have been there, who still continue to be there. People who, like myself, have grown older with the passing of time but whose light has not dimmed nor has their friendship diminished.

Life is good. If you want it.

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