We Are Your Overlords

Wednesday is not a dandified cocktail of a day. If you have no idea what I even mean read the previous post and still have no idea what I mean but realise I like the phrase so much I have repeated it for no good reason.

Wednesday is a recover from Monday and Tuesday sort of a day. Which is fine. No honestly it’s absolutely fucking fine. It’s not a bastarding problem I said. Well go back to your mother’s then if that’s what you want. Huh, last time I get an imaginary cat.

Wednesday is the word that begins the first three paragraphs of this blog post. Popping up with such insistence it becomes less a word and more an annoyance, lurking there being all stupid sounding and not even very much like the Nordic god after whom it was named. Which is odd for an allegedly Christian society when you think about it. Not that anybody does think about it. Except me and I’ve clearly got too much time on my pants.

Yes I know which word I used to end that sentence.

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