Oh Clouds Unfold

Mattress. Now I have to stand in the fish tank and sing.

And for those of you who don’t know the more obscure stuff by Monty Python that was an oblique reference to a piece of the more obscure stuff by Monty Python.

And it’s where I’m spending the day. No, not inside Monty Python. That would be difficult. There is no python: it’s a multi-persona entity of which one is dead, one has Alzheimer’s, one stopped being funny after making a great movie in 1987 and none of them want me inside them anyway. Not even Palin and he’s otherwise very accommodating.

I’m spending the day mattressing. Which is another way of saying I’m in bed. All day. The whole of it. The whole of the day and the whole of the mattress (I fidget). I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the mattress.

Can somebody stand nearby and throw cake at me please?

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