Early To Rise, Early To Bed

When you wake up stupid early and hang on the phone line for about half an hour it is possible to get yourself a same day appointment at your doctor’s surgery. Yay!

And more yay, my breathing isn’t too terrible today so the antibiotics are hopefully a case of nipping a flare-up in the bud. So even though most of the morning was spent waiting in the phone, acting in the surgery and then waiting at the pharmacy I feel like I’ve had some sort of victory today.

And the greatest victory of all is to come home around midday and go back to bed. Because poorly, not because I’m a lazy son of a bitch. Honestly.

It seems that watching Cowboy Bebop while zonked out on Tramadol is pleasant enough. And weird. Definitely weird. Marine Boy it ain’t. Apart from the slow reveal facial expressions. It is anime after all.


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