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They Paved Paradise

Yesterday I drove around to complete a few chores prior to seeing a couple of friends in different locations. On reflection I pushed myself too hard after a week of doing quite a lot (for me). As a consequence I … Continue reading

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Sorted, Sound, Sweet, Terry Christian’s A Dick

It would be inaccurate to say I’ve been flitting about like a normal human for the past few days as I still need to sleep and sleep and I rarely rise from such slumber in the a.m. But I have … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go*

The last few days have been about pain, insomnia and the fear. They have also been about loving support and kindness so while I have struggled to cope with the difficult stuff I have been helped through and lifted by … Continue reading

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

I’m not a hamster, what the heck are you even on about? I’m a dormouse. Here I am, curled up inside my madly hatted teapot, snoozing, snoozing, snoozing. And nothing else. Nope. Not a darned thing. Except cake. Cake has … Continue reading

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Squeaky Squeaky

I’m small. I’m not very furry. I do not have rodent-like teeth (or indeed many of my own actual teeth due to a life spent addicted to first amphetamines and then, when I grew up, sugar). And yet I am … Continue reading

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Get (Fucked) Back

You can’t see my face and if you could you wouldn’t want to. It’s a grumpy face, a scared face. My back muscles continue to be a source of mucho paino, compromising my breathing and making even the simplest of … Continue reading

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Do Aardarks Dream Of Eclectic Feet?

When does being low because my stupid health is being stupid in stupid ways become depression? I never quite know where the line is and usually stumble over it before I’ve realised and then have to deal with depression as … Continue reading

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Hertz Donut

My back hurts. Like uber hurts. Like twisty all to fuckup hurts. Like Hertz van rental. No, not like that. They don’t pay me to advertise them so they can suck it. What is it we expect people to suck … Continue reading

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Me and Not Julio Not Down By The School Yard

I done some stuff today. I was gonna not do some stuff on account of being a lazy shitbag what is still all fatigued from stupid health crap but in the end I did done stuff and it was good. … Continue reading

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Root And Branch

Yesterday was good. I drove my son and I up to spend some time with my mum just ahead of my boy heading for Manchester to begin his Master’s degree. It’s become harder in recent years to get us all … Continue reading

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