Me and Not Julio Not Down By The School Yard

They knocked this cinema down years ago. Wankers.

I done some stuff today. I was gonna not do some stuff on account of being a lazy shitbag what is still all fatigued from stupid health crap but in the end I did done stuff and it was good. Although now I’m fatigued. More so.

A friend from long ago who has lived in Michigan for many years ended up on the wrong train from Paddington and instead of getting off in Taunton as expected was propelled by rail to Exeter. So he contacted me via the book of faces and asked if I might drive him upcountry as he’d been on the go for more hours than he could count because of the jetlag from all the hours he couldn’t count.

While waiting for him to arrive I filled out a form the government recently sent me trying to find reasons not to continue giving me Personal Independence Payments by asking sneaky questions about whether my incurable, degenerative health conditions have somehow miraculously improved. In the box for additional information I said I found it insensitive and unrealistic for them to expect incurable issues to go away as if by magic. They’ll probably stop my money for being a troublemaker and a sarcastic twat now.

Then the train arrived and we drove up to Somerset, grabbed some lunch, and did a few other things my friend needed to sort out before I felt the call of my regular medications and had to come home. He’s over for a month, not for a jolly as such but because his dad is terminally ill, so we’ll catch up again over the next few weeks.

The town he and I both grew up in is a shadowy fuckstick of a place now. We maybe had the best of it during our teens and twenties when there were crazies and kooks everywhere. Now it’s a soulless place that even on sunny days like today still gives me a sense of gloom. I like Exeter, it feels like it’s alive even when things are reasonably quiet during non-studenty times.

And I like lying down after becoming fatigued. Sleepy night bye byes for bozo.


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