To Boldly Go*

The last few days have been about pain, insomnia and the fear. They have also been about loving support and kindness so while I have struggled to cope with the difficult stuff I have been helped through and lifted by the fact that such love and compassion exists in my world.

And today I managed to make it outside to be a human for a while to see my friend Spanner, the one over from Michigan, who came down to Exeter for some lunch and a catch-up. The sun appeared with impeccable timing, food was consumed of dubious calorific value but which tasted great nonetheless and we both managed to have a bit of a walk around despite having our separate issues with, well with walking around at times.

I’m home again and my body is battered but it may also be fatigued enough from genuine effort and exercise to mean I sleep at a reasonable hour this evening. And if not I shall just rewatch the first two episodes of Stark Trek: Discovery which seems to have kicked off a new strand of the franchise in a similarly precarious way to the opening of Voyager which developed over seven seasons into possibly my all time favourite part of the Trek verse.

*As half a doctor of English I should loathe split infinitives. As a Trekkie I say grammar can go fuck itself and not prosper.


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