Lift My Head, I’m Still Yawning

My addiction to sleep is just getting silly. It really is – my nightgown has turned into a bowl of custard plus I dream of Jeannie and I’ve never even met her (nor do I believe in people living inside bottles unless they are alcoholics). Silly, silly, silly.

In other news…oh, there is no other news. Did you read the bit about me sleeping all the time now? I’m Twat Van Winkle. Upstairs and downstairs in my lady’s chamber pot or something. Or was that Wee Twatty Winkie?

In other other news, I like lying in the dark listening to the clock ticking from the kitchen. It used to tick from the living room but we fell out over its insistence on being louder than my brain and it was shoved into the kitchen where it has learnt to rustle up a pretty passable bolognese.

Exciting eh? You covet my life.

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“an extraordinary repository of cultural knowledge”
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