We’ve Seen It In The Movies

I got soul but I’m not a soldering iron.

Actually today I got huge fatigue and ouchy ouchness. I think I need a holiday. Luckily I’ve got one coming up. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it? Excitement is inside me but I’m still trying to stay as calm as possible to preserve energy. And yet, excitement!!

Fatigue Fridays are for watching daytime television, apparently. Fucking hell daytime television is a pile of shit. It’s all a mindfuck of materialist brain washing designed to make the unemployed feel like failures and the retired feel smug about all that cash in their attic. I’ve changed to the radio and turned it down so low I can’t hear what they’re saying. Clearly I just wanted white noise: makes me miss old tv sets and the possibility of tuning them away from the channels so you can listen to the background radiation of the universe.

I think I need a holiday.


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3 Responses to We’ve Seen It In The Movies

  1. DGGYST says:

    or Netflix. Commercial free goodness and “Cheers”

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