The Imperious Mystery Of The Way

It’s my last night in my own bed before I head off to that airport vicinity to stay in a hotel tomorrow night. Then Tuesday I think I’ll climb aboard a flying machine and get me to Californ. I. A.

I’ve had a better day today although I’m still in pain and still anxious about energy levels for the journey. But tomorrow will largely be sitting in a coach and lying in a nice hotel bed. Then Tuesday will happen and I will be required to walk a bit then get my wheelchair assistance help then sit in a lounge then sit in a plane.

It’s the longest flight I’ve ever undertaken. Regular viewers will know I’m a scared about flying so I’m proud of myself this year: flew back and forth to Ohio in February/March; flew to Dublin and back in July and now I’m venturing further west than ever.

I got to see my son tonight which was a lovely way to spend my last evening at home. I’ve given him my old guitar as he’d like to learn a few things. I’ve had that instrument since six years before he was even born and despite the fact that I’ve owned better guitars along the way that’s the one that has remained part of my life all this time. So many memories tied up with it so it feels good that my son can add a few of his own experience into it too.

I did also see my Mum and some of her siblings today but very briefly. I knew they were gathering about half an hour up the motorway from me for a meal after having been to my Nan’s grave (twelve years since she died, she’d have been 102 last March if she were still around). I didn’t know what time they were eating though and I woke late but I forced my ouchy body to drive up. I got there just as they ere about to leave, by which time I was starving so I had a quick chat then stayed behind to order some food for myself. Oh well, I tried and considering how rough I’ve been feeling this weekend I’m proud I got there at all.

Bed now. An anxious sleep perhaps, mostly because I see my chest specialist first thing and I hate the breathing tests I have to undergo. But then adventure beckons. I’ll be posting various pics in Facebook labelled ‘coach wanker’, ‘hotel wanker’, ‘airport wanker’ and the like. Obviously.

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