Lovely As A Landscape In A Dream

Monday. This is Monday. This is not a drill, it really is Monday (and anyway a drill is a powertool and a Monday is a day of the week so they’re not even the same sort of thing). This is THE Monday I get on a coach and head for Heathrow. Only to then get on a smaller bus and head to a nearby hotel. I don’t fly until tomorrow. But I do coach in about an hour.

It’s already been a busy morning. I had a check-up with my specialist first thing this morning. I told him I’ve not been able to take one of my nebuliser meds for the past couple of months because I simply cant tolerate it any longer and it makes me cough uncontrollably which is possibly one of the reasons the muscles in my torso and neck are so fucked lately. Luckily it’s not the nebulised antibiotic but the saline solution which helps to thin out the crap my lungs produce. There are alternative and when I get back from holiday they are going to trial me on one of those alternatives. Yay.

I had to go to my bank after the hospital and also nipped in to the nearest supermarket to the bank to grab a few things for the journey today. And I had some meds to pick up from the pharmacy.

I think that’s me done now. Packing done. Hand baggage sorted. Various pieces of paper checked and double checked to make sure I have the right things to enable me to board buses and planes. Passport checked every ten minutes or so to make sure it hasn’t leapt out of my coat pocket. In twenty minutes or so my friend Tony will pick me up and take me to the coach station, then I can lounge about on coach for four hours eating candy and trying to pretend the chemical toilet at the back doesn’t stink.


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