The Universe Is An Angel

Temperatures in the high seventies in the last week of November? Toto we ain’t in Kansas any more. In fact, Toto, if I’m perfectly honest, we’ve never been in Kansas and you’re not even my dog. Go home boy, go find Dorothy. She’s got pumpkin pie and other Thanksgivingy dog type treats.

We are in Carmel-by-the-Sea. That’s California to those of you who ain’t been paying attention. I understand if you ain’t been paying attention, I mean only a few moments ago I thought Toto was my own dog. I miss the rains down in Africa. And I’ve never been there either.

I don’t believe I’ve ever wandered around in a t-shirt on 22nd November before. If I did that back home I’d be dead by the 23rd what with having shit lungs and not being able to survive the pneumonia it would cause to wander around in a t-shirt in Britain on 22nd November. But yesterday I could and I did. Because California. Keep up.

Carmel is full of quaint little houses and shops that all have neckscarves and say “Make my day” as you go past them. If you don’t know what I mean by this I believe google exists. If you want to live in Carmel you need MONEY. If you just want to look at the nice houses and eat some lunch then looking is free and we found a place that didn’t charge us a fistful of dollars for food.

Now, did I mention Thanksgiving six times or was it only five? In all the sunshine I clean forgot. So you got to ask yourself a question: do I eat turkey? Well do ya, carnivorous punk?


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