A Travel Through A Tube

I didn’t really do Tuesday. Not unless sleeping, waking from anxiety dreams, having a piss and then returning to sleeping and anxiety dreams counts as doing Tuesday. Does it count? You decide, I’ve disassociated myself with almost everything to do with yesterday. Almost: the connecting with G in message form was nice.

Monday must have wiped me right out I guess. The early wakey, the hospital stuff, the horrible PIP assessment, the depression and sense of impending doom brought on by the PIP assessment. Such things can indeed sap the energy right out of a soul even when that soul doesn’t have physical disabilities to contend with.

I have managed to interact a little more with Wednesday. Apparently I have very little voice – fatigue, lurgy, flare-up or new med related, take your pick – but enough to have lunch and a chat with my son who was looking super cool and whose brain is an increasing source of inspiration and wonder for me.

The world was too cold for anything more than such pleasantries. Well the world will be warm in the places that are warm but the Northern Hemisphere isn’t really one of those places right now and my personal world is stuck in that very hemisphere so I was too cold for anything more. Hence being home and back in bed before five of an afternoon.

Boring post. Must try harder.


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