Sleep Over

Insomnia. It’s all the rage. If you’re not a trendy insomniac don’t lose any sleep over it, you can find something else fashionable to buy into. I, however, have no choice. Insomnia R Me.

Not sleeping properly happens quite a lot. When I’m emotionally triggered by my poor health and I’m distressed about finances after the huge reduction of my PIP apparently I can’t sleep until six or seven in the morning. And even then I’m awake again by midday. It’s very tiring.

I’d hoped that my slow, slow walking yesterday would have added a natural fatigue to my bones, muscles and soul. Nope. Insomnia still won. But it has an upside – I eat more when I can’t sleep. Which won’t be possible once my finances become fucked (which is pretty much now) but at least this week I’ve managed to cram my stupid face with added grub type stuff.

And the middle of the night is the perfect time to watch back episodes of Friends and realise that there are way too many fat jokes and gay jokes for it to be acceptable enough to get commissioned today. Unless Ricky Gervais is in it.


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