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Bang Bang My Own Negative Self-Projection Shot Me Down

Homework from therapy this week is a new angle for me. Having recognised that focusing on the loud noises of anxiety which often masquerade as an internal dialogue makes me depressed and feeling like I’d rather listen to audio of … Continue reading

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Or Lit On Fire

I know that many people have had worse Fridays than mine. Top of the list (or bottom of all Fridays ever, depending on how you scale it) is Jesus, who can’t have enjoyed his so-called ‘Good’ Friday much, even if … Continue reading

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Isn’t It About Time BT OpenReach Was Renamed Uncaring And Entirely Closed Off Bastards?

Here’s a tip for all internet service providers, if you want those who depend on your service to know when and why there is a problem with that service, you really should make it a lot easier to access information … Continue reading

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Let’s Sport And Play

Colour me productive and call me Wednesday. Minus the productivity. Mostly. Unless eating lunch and talking weird and wonderful with Si counts as productivity, in which case I’m a hurricane, I’m a monsoon of doing stuff, I’m a deity of … Continue reading

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I, Arsehole

Therapy. Sometimes it makes you feel shit-kicking good. Sometimes it makes you feel ass-wiping bad. Today it was the latter. I was unfocused, maudlin, and filled with self-recrimination in conversation with my therapist today. Wouldn’t happen to be pretty much … Continue reading

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That Phoney King Of England

By law it ought to be Spring now. By. Law. Clocks went forward over the weekend signifying the terms and conditions signed by King John at the Magnum Cartridge, or something, must be ratified and spring weather should now be … Continue reading

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The Mind Goes Walking

I can’t and I shouldn’t and I won’t, Self-defeat all ring-a-ding don’t. Pause for breathing, Ten steps further, Leaning hard on who I used to be: Just dirt and bonemeal burning at the ends. And when my thighs and ankles … Continue reading

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The Long Road

I live a life beset by physical health complications which understandably have an impact on my mental health. On the whole this plays out as anxiety due to there being such a fine line between keeping an eye on physical … Continue reading

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Middle-Age Kicks

In a subterranean world of coffee, cool and chips I soak up the new wave/post-punk sounds of my youth: songs of anger, energy, invention; the manifesto of self-definition through self-expression. There is little sign of this formative influence on my … Continue reading

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On Doing Stuff

After a night of fitful sleep because of that annoying twitchy leg thing that some folks find annoys their sleep and renders it fitful, I was planning on doing very little today. Nice to surprise myself now and then as … Continue reading

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