Shakin’ Steven

After two nights sleeping on a bunk bed it feels opulent and grown-up to be back in my own double sleepy sleepy place. I don’t mean I have two beds, I mean mine isn’t small and bunky, it’s a double bed. You’ve heard of them, right? Twice.

Last night, as I strolled around Lambeth in search of grub and nosh, I felt faint and shaky. I assumed it was a combination of needing grub and nosh and the effort of travelling, socialising and being ready for my close-ups. This morning I was similarly shaky so I got in an earlier train home than I’d planned to and here I am home. Double bedded. Twice.

I’m tired. I’m also pleased to have been able to spend these last few days on my little adventure. To others such things are no sweat or big deal but to me every mini-adventure is a big sweat and some deal to me. So yay me. Twice.

I may sleep this afternoon. More than once.


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2 Responses to Shakin’ Steven

  1. DGGYST says:

    I’m a king size bed type myself =)


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