Through Concrete, Flowers Grow

If this is Monday afternoon it must be bedtime. No, I’m not lazy but I am in a lot of pain. I went out for a walk to get my muscles and legs moving and the overriding emotion now that I’ve returned home is one of regret.

I regret having muscles and legs. I regret stopping in that cafe and eating way too much fried breakfast for lunch. I regret not buying a bass guitar in the music shop but I regret that every time I walk past the music shop and don’t buy a bass guitar because I know if I did buy one I would then regret buying it because I’m a guitarist, not a bass player.

My neighbourhood is cowering beneath grumpy skies today, a perfect complement to my own grumpiness. Funny how a short trip away to unfamiliar streets can make one’s own locale seem fresh again even if the sky is grey and rain threatens to leak down upon this portion of the world.

I did manage to pick up a few groceries while I was out so I could stay indoors for another few days if I felt like it. But I don’t feel like it, I feel like getting to therapy tomorrow. I’m not sure if my sojourn to London brought me any new insights into what we’re working on but it certainly made me aware of incidents of the type of anxiety I am so under the thumb of at present. I guess the biggest positive I should take is that I managed to go and do the things I wanted to do up there despite the huge drag factor of my anxieties and my physical issues. I’m awesome.

Or something less arrogant.


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2 Responses to Through Concrete, Flowers Grow

  1. Jules Young says:

    Telling yourself (and everyone else) that you’re awesome isn’t arrogant at all. It’s the truth and I’m glad you’ve said it on here 🙂 xx

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